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Felix (M. Antonius Felix) was the Procurator of Palestine from A.D. 52 to 60. After Paul was arrested in Jerusalem, Felix became his gaoler. He permitted the apostle's opponents to press their case against him but refused to give judgement for or against Paul, hoping, according to Luke, that Paul would bribe him. Felix often discussed Paul's faith with him, sometimes in the presence of his wife, the Jewess Drusilla. Felix kept Paul a prisoner until succeeded in his office by Porcius Festus. Acts 23.24-24.27

Festus (Porcius Festus) was the Procurator of Palestine from A.D. 60 to 62. Festus inherited the case of the apostle Paul from Felix, but refused to treat Paul fairly. When Paul made an appeal to Caesar, the procurator decided that the Roman emperor should judge the case in person. Having settled this, and wishing to discover fully the facts in the case, Festus invited Agrippa II and his sister Bernice, to hear Paul's own defence of himself. Acts 24.27-26.32

Fortunatus was a Corinthian Christian who, with Stephanas and Achaicus, visited Paul at Ephesus shortly before Paul wrote his first letter to Fortunatus's home church. 1 Corinthians 16.17

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