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Testimonies of ex-satanist in Africa

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From childhood I knew Satanism Devil Worshipers and witchcraft existed because we were hearing their testimonies at the revivals where Mightily used Men and Women of God would hold crusades and catch witches, devil worshippers and Satanists. So they would testify to the congregation how they got delivered. Strange and scary stuff we would here being uttered.

One time My late mother and younger brother were attending a revival that was at a certain rural area called Saselane in Limpopo, South Africa. There was a huge tent there, the Man of God there was Pastor Machimane, it was around the years 1998-2000, because then I was staying at a township called Dwarsloop, just next to the rural areas of Limpopo.

This Man of God was very anointed, he was a stunning testimony himself, his father If I recall correctly was a Sangoma and his family were Not Christian.

He had told us Satan was using an imp to torture him from childhood, he said there was an imp that used to come to him every morning, I don’t know whether in the spirit or physical, but I think physical.

He said this imp would come and lead him to a river, very early in the morning and cause & torture him to herd hippopotamuses, it would come everyday and something like ‘boy…! Let us go! In a funny way. From when he became Christian, Satan was very mad and I was still a young boy when we got these testimonies.

At the revival tent in Saselane were many testimonies which shaped me to an extent that I was assured that Satan existed and God existed.

There were many demons that were casted out from people and they were let to talk on a microphone and everyone was listening and shocked.

At other times the Ex Satanists would testify to the congregation how they used to fly by night, how they used to fly from Mpumalanga to Capetown in just two seconds and other stunning secrets, how they used to meet for a meeting with Satan in the sea.

The Man of God used to go around with a woman who had died and came back having been to Heaven and back, she also testified at the tent in front of our eyes. The tent was very huge and one time something happened, The Man of God had sensed or God told him there were many witches in the midst, so I think during a preaching, the Man of God said, “there are many witches in the crowd today” and everyone was anticipating in shock, the man of God actually got into the midst and pointed out the witches, it was I think during a Holy Spirit manifestation, he was paving through the crowd and going like “here’s a witch”, “here’s another one”, “that one over there is a witch”, he was touching their heads passing to the next one and some of them repented, but some decided to stay flying with their brooms until they go to hell :)

Sometimes we would just borrow tapes of the testimonies. Another former satanist girl used to work for the devil in the department of fornication, they say they also have departments or categories just like we christians have different gifts. Fornication is having sexual relationships outside of marriage, so that girl said she used to work in the department of Fornication and she would sleep with different guys and take some of their semen to where the satanists met at the sea and she mentioned in her tape they would do something to the semen and the guy would Not depart from fornication, I think in a form of a curse. And the process would go on and on, the next person who would sleep with the cursed also got cursed and Not depart from fornication, so her duty was to promote fornication for Satan.

Some former satanists would mention they were responsible to cause divorce, accidents etc, some young girls testified and said at their school (primary) each year, there would be some a death of a child, at least one, and they said they were responsible for that.

At the time I was growing up, I would have a collection of this information and I would be getting a lot from my mother. I would be sharing it with some of my school mates, and they saw me as a unique person because I did Not want to engage in bad things because I knew something they never knew, I knew Jesus.

From 2001 to this day I was staying around Secunda, South Africa. People here seem to ignorant of these things. Some people never even for a single moment heard a demon speaking through someone, they never heard God speaking through a human being using him or her as mouthpiece, when I testified about these things especially at High School before 2004, it would be like I was performing in a stand up comedy show, they would just laugh out very loud and Not believe thinking I am insane. May The Lord convict the hearts of my high school friends wherever they are In Jesus Name.

Later I came across a tape of a former devil worshipper by the name Denis who at the time when I got the tape had already accepted Christ and became a Pastor.

In Denis’ tape he mentioned he was a ‘devil worshipper’ he said Satan came to him in a form of a man. I don’t remember If he said in physical body or spiritual body. Denis was troubled at that time when the devil came and told him he could give him a job and pay him money, so Denis accepted the deal. He was working for the devil in the department of drawing saved souls to Satan, in other words his job was to make Christians to backslide. I don’t remember everything in that tape; I will touch up what I grasped. He mentioned he would go to church like other church goers and pretend to be a ‘born again’ and I think he said he was playing the music keyboard for the congregation. He would disturb God’s service and cause demons to appear in front of infants and young babies so that they cry. He said the babies would literally see the demons ‘LIVE’ during a very important part of the Word of God so that the congregation would be interrupted by the crying babies and miss the essence of the Word. He said he and his companions of ‘devil worshippers’ would also ‘fast’ and not eat anything except for drinking human blood and pray to Satan that bad things would happen, they would pinpoint exactly what they wanted Satan to do for them and it pleased Satan. They would pray for accidents, divorce and more, however their fasting was not strong against Christians. He mentioned that when a true Christian would fast for three days, they would have to fast for fifteen days in order to stand that Christian in temptations and backsliding tricks.

He said he would get paid regularly, they would arrange an appointed time at an appointed place, and he would stand there and wait, then a black luxurious car would arrive and a man would give him his salary wrapped. And when the car left, No one would recall or know where the car had gone.

So I would borrow these tapes to my school mates and friends but sometimes they were not returned. Some people would say, but we shouldn’t dwell on Satan’s stuff, rather let’s praise our God. I would feel like Yeah we have to praise our God but these secrets also encourages, especially us as Christians, some people even get saved from these revealed secrets. I think it opens our spiritual eyes while we are still in the earthly body. This stuff removes a veil in front of our eyes; It increases our faith and causes our praises towards our God to be more significant. I know it also helps to know how your opponent fights in order to avoid his strong points, I do Karate as sport and I know it helps to know your opponent’s strong points or to learn your opponent during the fight.

During this year 2009, I came across Emmanuell Enni’s testimony, this one is like the absolute secrets out. If this one does Not invigorate someone’s heart! I don’t know what to say. My Father also told me that Emmanuel Enni once came to testify his experiences many years ago when I was still very young here around Secunda. He was a Satanist and actually became the chairman of the Satanists. Now I advice you Not to desire to be a Satanist, the Ex Satanists who received a chance to repent are very lucky, according to my thinking, ‘The majority of Satanists are going to Hell’, so don’t risk eternity and if you are a Satanist, you must know that the devil is a liar, he might promised that you will never die, but it is not true, Judgement Day is coming, you don’t want to spend forever burning in the Lake of Fire, please repent, Ask Jesus into your heart and run to a Man of God to let him know about your testimony.

In this testimony you will realize many things. I always wondered who those are that the sea gave up who were in it.

Revelation 20:13 The sea gave up the dead who were in it, and Death and Hades delivered up the dead who were in them. And they were judged, each according to his works.

When I was busy getting more stunning testimonies I realized that In the sea! Are many people who work for the devil And Not dying until Judgement Day, But I don’t know If it is those that the scripture refer to.

There are people in the sea who live there as Satan’s workers, and come to earth using earthly bodies like the woman who worked for the devil 3,249 years without having gone to hell already. There is also Pastor Mbatha who was a Sangoma then became saved and became a Pastor. In his testimonies he said he stayed in the sea for two years and seven months in preparation to be a Sangoma, interacting with a mermaid and Satan himself including some leader of an unchristian church here in South Africa.

Now this proves that this city in the sea actually exists where Satan workers meet with him(Satan). Later after having acquired about the lady who worked for the devil and was existing for +3000 years on earth, I heard of faint rumors that there are some also who were caught by the same Man of God during this year 2009, a 1000 year old soul in an 11 year old boy’s body.

Luke 8:17 “For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.


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